Winterproof home ideas

Winterproof home ideas

Winterproof your home this wet season
Our home is our sanctuary during the winter season. Most of the homes nowadays are equipped with a dry environment against the wet weather. But if you take a closer look at your home, it may not be enough. Make your homes comfortable and winter proof during the wet season with these tips:

Winterproof home improvements

Insulation Control
Home InsulationIt is very important to insulate ceiling and floor. Cold air might pass through your floor if you have an elevated house. The ceiling needs to be insulated so the hot air will not run off through the ceiling.

Check your roof
Check roofYou roof may look fine in normal situations. But during heavy rains, you may experience leaks from your roof. When rain and strong winds combine, water may possibly get into your roof and ceiling cavity. Check with a roof expert to perform roof repairs to your home.

Clean guttering
Clean gutteringDeal with an expert to have a look at your guttering and clean it. Your guttering and downpipe should work effectively to help you secure your home in winter.

Winter Mould
winter mouldMould is a common problem for those who live in a very humid environment. But for those who are living in a temperate atmosphere, mould can be an issue during the wet season in winter months. Make your home mould-free this winter.

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