House & Garden chores trades mini directory

House & Garden chores trades mini directory

Contact Merv's Landscaping and Garden Management for your gardening needs

Contact Merv’s Landscaping and Garden Management for garden care

If home or garden chores are a drag, maybe it’s time to outsource. Here are a bunch of recommended tradespeople we use and trust to help you around your home:

Pressure washing

It’s surprising how dirt, pollution and grime can build up on outside surfaces. A high-pressure hose can lift stubborn stains and get your house nice and clean.
For cleaning buildings top to bottom, we recommend Waterworks.

Contact details:
Kevin Halpin
0418 733 068


Fix cracked or broken glass

If you have broken window panes, or need your windows re-puttied, we recommend Ashgrove Glass.

Contact details:
Ashgrove Glass
0411 626 285



A green and tidy lawn and lush weed-free garden are a pleasure to enjoy, but garden maintenance is not everyone’s idea of a weekend well-spent. If this sounds like you, a lawn mowing or garden maintenance service might be called for.

We recommend Merv’s Landscaping and Garden Management. They offer a comprehensive range of landscaping, garden maintenance, pond building or paving  for your homes.

Contact details:
Merv’s Landscaping and Garden Management
0449 088 812


Minor repairs

Broken stair tread, rotten timber battens, hole in plaster board…. our experienced and qualified on-staff carpenter can help with timber and plasterboard repairs!

Contact details:
Applied & Decorative Painting
Gary Wilson
0409 069 641


And of course… Painting!

A painting job large or small? We love to help to reveal the potential of your property with attention-to-detail painting and great service.

You know where to find us.

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