Kitchen renovation over the weekend

Kitchen renovation over the weekend

Do you plan to renovate your kitchen but you have no time or money for the makeover? Why not try updating your kitchen over the weekend? If you begin working with your kitchen over a series of weekends, you will be surprised to have a fresh look for your kitchen space right away.

Photo credit: larkandlarks via / CC BY

Photo credit: larkandlarks via / CC BY

Here are ways to renovate your kitchen over weekends.

1. Paint kitchen doors

The quickest way to give your home a makeover, is to give it a brand new coat of paint, even an experienced renovator will recognize it.

2. Update kitchen handles

Kitchen handles often show a lot of wear and tear, you can try to replace them to give it a new look.

3. Add kitchen drawer inserts

Adding drawer inserts will give you comfort looking for your kitchen utensils inside the kitchen cupboard.

4. Install a new benchtop

There are a lot of colours and materials for your benchtop. So this task is more fun and exciting one for the lot.

5. Install new acrylic splashbacks or paint your wall tiles

Give some love to your splashback as it deals with a lot of food splattering and stains most of the time.

6. Replace your kitchen taps

With advances in technology, replacing your taps will not only fix leaks in your kitchen, but you may be installing water saving taps too.

7. Update your pantry

You can have a lot of options when you wish to update your pantry like painting a new colour, adding extra storage inserts or getting the whole thing out and replacing it.

8. Replace flooring

Update your kitchen without a massive renovation using timber flooring. You may want to consider floating timber floors for an inexpensive option.

9. Install extra shelving

The more storage space you have, the better.

10. Replace outdated cabinets

To make an overall difference, replace your old cabinets and install a new one.

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