Tropical inspired home

Tropical inspired home

Tropical inpired home

Tropical inpired home

Tropical inspired home is on trend. Carrying out this look to your home can be easy. Bring in tropical vibe to your home this summer. Transform your room into a Waikiki Beach inspired atmosphere with these suggestions.

Build extra spacewood
Consider having bare beams and high ceilings. Add wood anywhere and opt for a simple exposed backside appearance.

Colour boldlybold colour
Bright & bold colours are beach lifestyle, maybe add sea green to your feature wall. Bring in the resort aura to your living room by installing wallpaper.

Add fruity accessoriesfruity accessories
Hawaiian inspired furniture will fit even outdoors. The look is motivated by using gardens & rainforest, make use of bright & patterned couches.

Bringing the outside in outside in
Relax in style by bringing the outdoors in. It means building a deck round your house. If you live in an apartment, bring flowers and ferns indoors.

Enjoy Waikiki time in your own home. Get this summers perfect look inspired by a Hawaiian style now! We recommend Brenton South of Mutu Building Services to help you get this tropical look. Mutu Building Services is a Brisbane based company providing top quality repairs and improvements to your property.

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