Things to consider when hiring an electrician

Things to consider when hiring an electrician

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Do you need an electrician? Maybe you need new lighting, or want to ensure old wiring is still safe.

bcard_gloss.epsLike in any profession, it is essential to identify quality electrical tradespeople to ensure you work is completed professionally and safely.

So today, we have consulted JD of JD Electrical & Communications Pty Ltd to help answer the most common issues you might encounter when dealing with electrical contractors for your home and business.

Any advise you can give to someone who wants to hire an electrician?

Before you hire an electrician, you may need to ask for the job details and the safety aspects of completing the electrical works. You need to know how much is the cost and what is the tidiest way to complete the job.

Before hiring an electrician, what should you ask?

The first thing you need to check before getting an electrician is the licence. Make sure they are licenced to perform electrical works. You also need to ensure how long they have been in the electrical industry. Experience and availability is very important to avoid problems with your projects.
Requesting for onsite quote is very important to be sure you are paying the right price after works are completed.

When building a new home, what electricians might need?

It is important to properly install the interior cables and wires to accommodate all technologies in your house. Electrical pre-wiring should run inside the walls and under the floors so the wires remain protected and the risk of being damaged be reduced.

And if additional works are to be done later, there should be provisions. If ever you need Air conditioning done, the electrician can prewire the circuit for Air Conditioning.

How often should you check and replace electrical wiring?

Safety switches are tested every 3 months. Smoke alarms are checked for 6 or 12 months. Replace battery when needed to protect your property. Other wirings are not checked regularly but if rubber cables still exist you may need to replace them as they are more than 40 -50 years old.

Any legal requirements needed?

To maintain a safety workplace, Electrical safety and regulations Act 2013 serves as guide for electrical safety duties and standards.

When can you say electrical works are neat?

You can say that electrical work is neat when wiring is installed in conduits and the fixtures are properly installed. Wires and cables are kept tidy and in place.

Is it unsafe if it is not neat?

Not really, but if work is not neat then electrician may not be very experienced, or does not do that type of work regularly.

What are the biggest trends that you’ve seen in the electrical industry?

Work is now undertaken by electricians who are not contractors. This can be a bad situation since they do not have any public liability insurance. If house gets damaged by electrical fault(fire) or someone get electrocuted, then they are not covered under insurance.

Lots of new contractors coming up and looking for work, under quoting jobs, and then taking short cuts to complete them, industry is being undermined by such people. Safety is compromised.

Special thanks to JD Electrical & Communications Pty Ltd for this interview.

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