Save money with solar energy

Save money with solar energy

solar panelSun is the most powerful source of light. With the use of solar panels, light is converted into energy. Solar panel is one of the best ways to go solar. But did you know that there are a few more ways to go solar?

  • Solar Panels

The price of solar panels has come down and yet more efficient. It means that the period of “payback” is a lot shorter and you will have your money spent in installation in a short time. One you reach the payback period, you can start saving money on your electricity bills.

  • Solar Hot Water

An electric powered hot water heater can account for as a good deal as one third of your power bill. Using gas is cheaper, but with solar hot water system, your will save more from your energy bills. Most homeowners prefer to install both solar panels for electricity and hot water systems and get to enjoy hugely reduced electricity bills.

  • Solar Outdoor Lighting

Smaller solar panel can give electricity to a storage battery. A battery can light up an energy saving LED lights all throughout the night. Hiring an electrician is not needed when installing many types of outdoor solar lighting which will help you save more.

  • Solar Charging Stations

By using the energy from the sun, we can charge our smartphone, tablet and other portable devices. Solar battery recharging stations will help you save power without worrying a power outlet. You can charge your gadgets anywhere as long as you find enough natural light that provides energy.

  • Passive Solar Design

In case you’re building, you can consolidate the thoughts into your home outline without fundamentally expanding the expense of your home. In case you’re renovating, inactive sun based outline doesn’t need to cost you more, either, yet can diminish your reliance on costly and greenhouse gas emitting sources of energy.

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