Runcorn Insurance Painting

Runcorn Insurance Painting

A childcare centre in Runcorn, a suburb on the South Side of Brisbane underwent insurance painting recently. We were hired to carry out repairs to a water marked, raked ceiling. The ceilings of the kitchen and living room were the areas damaged. A stain seal was applied to all the effected areas, then the ceiling was prepped for painting. A fresh coat of Dulux premium paint was applied for the final coats.

Runcorn newly painted ceiling

Runcorn Newly Painted Ceiling

This work has been given a 10 year guarantee, so we ensure the ceilings will still look great for years to come. Organise your repair and painting needs with the most awarded South Brisbane Painters. Call Applied and Decorative Painting today!

Runcorn newly painted raked ceiling

Runcorn Newly Painted Raked Ceiling

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