Repair in Westlake

Repair in Westlake

We performed insurance repair for this storm damaged home in Westlake recently. Our client needed repair to the damaged sliding door of the laundry area.

Our professional team removed and replaced the damaged sliding door and associated screen making it back on track. We also prepare and paint the repaired door jamb, architraves, disturbed wall linings, and reveals with Dulux paint. Gloss enamel is applied for the trims. Quick dry filler is used to fill all gaps. Dulux undercoat is applied for a smooth paint finish.

repair in Westlake - existing sliding door

Repair in Westlake , existing sliding door

Applied and Decorative Painting can help repair and replace your sliding window and doors if you struggle sliding them.

repair in Westlake - newly repaired sliding door

Repair in Westlake, newly repaired sliding door

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