Porter’s Paints – Speciality Finish – Industrial Lustre

Porter’s Paints – Speciality Finish – Industrial Lustre

Applied & Decorative Painting are excited to introduce our newest Speciality Finishes from Porter’s Paint. Inspirational and innovative products make Porter’s Paints the market leader in speciality paint finishes. Not content to just make paint, Porter’s Paint have developed a wonderful range of Speciality Finishes which can be seen as not just decorative surface effects, but as design elements.

Industrial Lustre creates a rich shimmer on all interior and exterior surfaces with an intriguing glitter effect created by the addition of Micaceous Iron Oxide.

Excellent protective qualities make this paint perfect for gates, fences, trim, garage doors etc as well as broad wall areas. Our version of the paint used on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but water based instead of solvent based.

Porter's Paints - Speciality Finish - Industrial Lustre Porter's Paints - Speciality Finish - Industrial Lustre

Features & Benefits

Excellent protective qualities created by Micaceous Iron Oxide. The ‘fish scale’ properties of this paint, whilst providing protection and durability, also make the paint subject to scuffing and scratch marks.

These marks are normal for this type of paint, and on exteriors soon disappear (due to natural weathering and self-cleaning). Marks do not affect performance, but it is for this reason we suggest Industrial Lustre performs at its best on exterior surfaces.

Water wash up.

Porter's Paints - Speciality Finish - Industrial Lustre

For more information please give us a call on 1300 569 348 or follow the link to Porter’s Paints website: http://www.porterspaints.com/paints/speciality-finishes/ or watch some of their short videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9lRyfiWUK8

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