Polished Concrete trend

Polished Concrete trend

Polished concrete will make your floors looking great

Polished concrete will make your floors looking great.

What is polished concrete?

Polished concrete contains a mixture of stone, cement and even colouring agents. It can transform your dull concrete into a stylish and stunning surface.

It is originally designed for commercial purposes because of its hard wearing surface. But our fast growing concrete polishing technology has now created polished concrete floor at a very affordable price suitable for residential owners. To help you learn of this latest renovation trend, we have gathered some tips to keep you going.

Who can polish concrete?

Polish concrete is done by concreting specialists who have the equipment needed to give a floor a perfect finish. The process can be used on existing concrete floors or new concrete floors.

Concrete polishing is performed by concreting specialists who owns proper equipment needed to achieve the perfect finish of floor. Both new and existing concrete floors can be ground and polished.

Polished concrete benchtops

Benchtops are smaller than floors but they both use similar polishing techniques. They are normally manufactured in the factory in moulds. 

Understanding Costs

Approximately, grind and seal will cost $50 – $75 per square metre. More detailed process will cost $100 – $120 per square metre.

Explore more surfaces

Seek expert advice to help you implement polished concrete into your home to get the most of your property that will suit you. 

Our work

Applied and Decorative painting will help you polish your old and new concrete floor. We can polish concrete to a truly professional finish. We provide our polishing service to Brisbane and regional Queensland. 

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