Plaster and Timber Repair

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Minor plaster and timber repair complete our full house painting service.

Often when repainting your house, minor repair jobs are required to obtain perfect paintwork, for example, damaged walls or frames. We offer the convenience of providing minor plaster and timber repair with our full house painting service.

Here’s what customers have said about this service:

The preparation of timber and other surfaces prior to painting was really good. The on-site supervisor was also a good handyman so he could attend to the unexpected little things that arose, all making for a particularly smooth and stress free job. Highly recommended!!
Jonathan and Andrea Raftesath, Albion
I got a few quotes but the reason I chose Applied and Decorative Painting was because Gary noticed and offered to do the extra bits that would make a good job GREAT- attention to detail. I had had the cupboard guttered but there were some problems in the cupboard which Gary noticed and stated they could fix and then paint over ! Done !