Painting in Kedron

Painting in Kedron

Recently, our team of professional and friendly Brisbane painters completed an excellent painting job for this double story brick residence in the northern suburb of Brisbane, Kedron. We are tasked to finish the internal and external painting of this poorly cared property.

Existing ixterior of Kedron property

Existing exterior of Kedron property

Existing interior of Kedron property

Existing interior painting

We cleaned the house before starting the painting. Height access equipment was supplied for safety working with heights. Wet scrap painting system is used to asbestos soffits painting. We applied sealer binder and removed the existing flaking paint. Minor plaster repairs were performed to the ceiling. Resized_20160616_105017

Dulux Aqua enamel with anti mould painting system is used to paint the gutters, window sills, fascia, and windows. We applied Dulux Gloss enamel for the front door. We painted the soffits, walls, pipes, meter box with Dulux Weather Shield Low Sheen. For the interior walls, we used Dulux Wash n Wear.

Newly painted interior

Newly painted interior

Newly painted interior

Newly painted interior

Kedron property received a fresh coat of paint from our Brisbane professional painters. Below is the email we received from Jon after all the painting works.

Please pass on my thanks to your guys. Particularly Cole, Darren and Brad. 

 Cole did some exceptional work bringing some poorly cared for ex rental surfaces back to excellent. 

Darren is extremely customer focused and tireless. I felt he took my job very seriously and nothing was too much trouble.  

 Brad also made a great impression on us. 

 We are looking forward to moving back in to our flash home. 



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