Get Ready For Sale – Painting Kelvin Grove

Get Ready For Sale – Painting Kelvin Grove

Recently, a returning client of ADP in Kelvin Grove required us to spruce up his property. This classical farmhouse in the hilly northern suburb of Brisbane City is being put on the market. Some of the walls in the home needed a fresh coat of paint and air conditioners had been recently installed so the conduits also required painting.

Kelvin Grove newly painted exterior

Kelvin Grove newly painted exterior

Some of the walls, window frames and the stair handrail required patching prior to painting. We also painted all of the interior doorways, including the front door.

Using the best painting system, we have successfully freshened up the interior and exterior looks of this beautiful Kelvin Grove property.

Get Ready For Sale - Painting Kelvin Grove

After interior painting in Kelvin Grove

It is important to correctly prepare a property when you plan to sell. One of the easiest ways to prepare your house is to apply a fresh coat of paint. Prepare your property for sale with ease, call Applied & Decorative Painting and let us increase the value of your property.

Kelvin Grove house for sale,newly painted stairs

Kelvin Grove house for sale, newly painted stairs

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