Paint each room with these colours

Paint each room with these colours

painting roomAccording to expert studies, colours are powerful and can influence our day-to-day mood and behavior. This is referred to as colour psychology. It has been so amazing how colours create different feelings and perceptions. Here are ideas to help you paint each room with the best colours.

Dining Space
blue kitchenIf you have a large dining and kitchen space that you consider the heart of your home, you can go for a warm blue. Blue is a colour that represents peace and will make your space feel refresh and serene.

Home Office
green home officeGreen is full of positive energy. It is generally the color of intellectualism and concentration. If used to your home office, it can encourage activity. The calmness will help  you relax and think.

Living Room
red living roomWarm shades and muted reds will help you entertain and encourage conversation. It is the colour that is associated with energy. An accent of red to your living room will help you stimulate activity.

white paint bathroomWhite is the lightest colour associated with purity and cleanliness. It has been widely used for bathrooms today. However, you can include splashes of soft blue and green to encourage softness and relaxation.

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