Our Story

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In 2002, Applied and Decorative Painting (ADP) applied its first lick of paint to a building in Brisbane, beginning a journey that would see us play a role in adding colour, style and quality to the city’s houses and commercial buildings for years to come. In the ensuing years ADP has built a reputation for quality, care and attention that has surpassed its peers, proven by its Dulux Accredited Painter of the Year award and numerous WOMO awards.

That care and attention does not just apply to the way we treat our customers, but also the company’s approach to our team. We take pride in the houses around the city that look great as a result of our work, but we also take pride in the nurturing and personal development of the staff that helps us all brighten up the world we live in. For ADP a project isn’t merely a case of enhancing the everyday life of our clients, but upmost care and pride is taken, unlocking potential – turning houses into homes. That’s more than just the way we treat our customers, but also in the way we respect their property. Pride in the job we do and pride in the people we work with. Take pride in your place and ADP will treat it as if it was our own.