Maximise your tiny bathroom space

Maximise your tiny bathroom space

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Make your bathroom feel spacious without knocking out a wall to make it bigger. Simply utilise your bathroom space to its best advantage. Get amazed with below tips to make your bathroom look bigger and more spacious.

Add floor space
floor spaceDuring renovation, the aim is to get as much floor area as you can while properly setting necessary inclusions.


Feature vanity
vanity featureDo not just make a simple vanity. Add feature to your vanity and it will give more style to your room.


Change your shower
change showerThe way we choose our showers can affect the space in our bathroom. If you have a bath, you can install a shower in your bath to save some space.


Get more light
large windowInstalling larger window to your bathroom will help create a much larger space. You can also add skylight to lighten up your bathroom.

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