Materials for internal walls

Materials for internal walls

The materials that you select for your interior walls can have a substantial effect on the overall appearance of your home. The components of your internal walls will decide how lights are reflected within your home. Choosing your wall materials will help you determine how you keep your walls clean and how insulated they are. It also affects the way sounds travel throughout your home.

To help you choose the materials for your internal walls, consider these options:

Materials for internal walls

Plasterboard is the most famous choice for Australian homes because of its versatility and value. You can paint, put wallpaper or maybe create unique textural finishes over it.

timber wallTimber walls
Timber walls will make your home feel cosy. It can give you a wide range of stylish design to your property. The woods can change the look and feel of your room.


Wall tiles are commonly used in the kitchen and bathroom. But you can use it in other places of your home. They come in different shapes, styles, and colors that will let you create a range of various effects.


Concrete is commonly used for floor finishing. But using concrete partitions to your home is never new and fast growing. It is widely used for its durability and easy maintenance ability. You can use epoxy coatings and other treatments to change its colour and fit it to your personality.

Materials for internal wallsExposed brick
Brick is turning so popular when it comes to interior design materials. It can be set up for interior walls or columns. It will give your home character and charm creating a spirit of old combined with modern.

An extensive selection of wallpaper will give your wall coverings a good fit that will suit your character. Ranging from full scale landscapes through to transitional designs and motifs, you will find what is perfect for you.

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