Your local handyman is ready to help you

Your local handyman is ready to help you


Have you ever planned to complete the odd jobs around your home but too busy to get started? No need to worry. Applied and Decorative Painting is your local handyman. We can help you keep on track with home plans.

Here are the services we offer:

Basic Painting
We have your home covered. Whether you want to freshen up your room or paint the entire home.
Basic Carpentry
Our licenced carpenters are efficient and reliable in constantly providing minor repairs for all your timber needs.
Wall Fixtures
If you are uncertain of a wall fixture installation with a secure electrical wiring, our professional electrician will ensure a safe electrical works to wall fixtures.
Flat Pack Installations
We are your professional expert when it comes to installing flat packs. If you want to renovate or install a new kitchen, we are your experienced flat pack installer.

Applied and Decorative Painting will help you out with the odd jobs around your home that you are not sure of, we can also help you with other jobs around your home or any renovations that you may need in the future.

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