Insurance Painting Ferny Hills 

Insurance Painting Ferny Hills 

Our team recently completed insurance painting on a fantastic brick home in Ferny Hills, a North-West suburb of Brisbane. The interior ceiling of this beautiful family home had water damage to the plasterboard  and required removing & replacing.

Ferny Hills existing ceiling

Ferny Hills Existing Ceiling

All necessary precaution was observed complying to the WHS Work Plan and environmental protection. The leak which had caused the damage was completely repaired and water damaged asbestos was removed and disposed of safely.

Ferny Hills newly repaired ceiling

Ferny Hills Newly Repaired Ceiling

We replaced the water damaged plasterboard ceiling lining and cornice. Areas that required repair were the kitchen and living room, cracks to ceilings & cornices and range hood canopy. Broken concrete roof tiles were also removed and replaced.

Ferny Hills newly painted ceiling

Ferny Hills Newly Painted Ceiling

Damages to the existing ceiling lining were replaced as required. Premium paints from Dulux were applied to the effected interior areas to match the existing paints. All debris related to the repairs were carefully cleaned and disposed of upon completion of work.

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