Insurance Painters in Ormeau

Insurance Painters in Ormeau

This freshly painted home in Ormeau achieved its fabulous interior look from our team recently. Our insurance painting team delivered fast and efficient service to this stunning home.

Existing Ormeau interior

Existing Ormeau Interior

Insurance works for the interior kitchen and dining room were performed on this property. We supplied new polyester ceiling batts. Kitchen light fitting was detached to facilitate repairs needed and was reconnected. Water damaged plasterboard from the ceiling and cornice were removed and replaced.

Newly painted Ormeau interior

Newly Painted Ormeau Interior

We prepared and painted the ceiling and cornice using the best Premium paints from Dulux. Newly applied paints were matched to the existing colours. Affected wall lining to the kitchen was set and freshly painted.

Newly painted Ormeau kitchen interior

Newly Painted Ormeau Kitchen Interior

Our insurance painting team in Ormeau completed repairs and painting to the highest quality standard. Streamline your insurance painting, resolve your worries with Applied and Decorative Painting team’s fast and efficiently optimised service.

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