Inspiring kitchen storage

Inspiring kitchen storage

Keeping your small kitchen space organised can be a little tricky and challenging. However, do not allow yourself to get distressed over it. Here are some clever ideas to help you maximise your kitchen storage.

You can modify your pantry space by putting fruits and vegetables in boxes.  Store spices in glass jars so you can simply organise them later. Label them so you can easily find them when needed.

spice glass jars
Kitchen with open shelving creates a trendy and modern space. It increases a lot of space to your small kitchen. It is inexpensive and is one of the most effective ways to organise your cooking gadgets and utensils with no trouble.

Open shelves

Maximise all available space into your kitchen. Corner counter shelf  and hidden drawer shelf are great options for eliminating dead space in the corners of your walls. You can also put some of your kitchen items to your living room.

Hidden drawers

Make your kitchen fabulous by a adding a touch of colour to your regular white and grey kitchens. Add brilliant patterns and enjoy amazing contrast to your fantastic kitchen.

Bright kitchen

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