How to Improve Value/Livability with Painting

How to Improve Value/Livability with Painting

How to Improve Value/Livability with Painting

The time has come to upgrade your home. Perhaps you’re moving and want to maximize your profit, or you simply wish to enhance the personality of your home. There are many things you can do to expand the worth and livability of your space.

1. External Wall Repair and Painting

The first thing that anyone will see is the exterior of your home, so it’s worth making sure that your home looks its best outside and in. There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make your home look fresh, modern and more appealing, but you may wish to shy away from overly bold shades such as lime green, or you’ll make your house stand out for all the wrong reasons.

In addition to giving your home a paint job, you should also examine the exterior for visible signs of damage. Walls made of weatherboard may have panels that need replacing. Brick homes may need to have small gaps filled in with fresh mortar and rendered walls can do with fresh concrete to fill in gaps. These small improvements will make a property look like new without the need for major renovation.

2. Upgrade Doors and Windows

Aside from looking stylish, new doors or windows make your home more energy efficient and can lead to more affordable household running costs and a more environmentally-conscious property.

If getting new doors and windows is a little out of your budget, consider getting your current doors and windows refurbished. Its amazing what a quick sanding and a fresh coat of paint can do to give those old shabby windows a new lease of life.

3. Roof Appeal

The roof of your property will put up with a lot of wear and tear over the years. It can age a home and can give the illusion of a property being much older or more worn than it actually is. However, many types of roofs can be brought back to life with a couple coats of paint. Corrugated and tile roofs can look like new after a good cleaning a good paint job.

4. Painting Interior Walls

You may have noticed that many new model homes come with coloured, ‘feature’ walls rather than blank, white ones. Buyers can interpret a white-walled home as being boring and devoid of character, while the right colours can be exciting. However, it’s important to take care with your paint choices.  If you’re using colour, be sure that all the colours blend well together and match other design aspects of your home. Accent walls and textured brush techniques can add visual interest to your property, but be careful not to over do it.

5. Bathroom

A good bathroom space will be both functional and aesthetically appealing. Small repairs like painting the walls and replacing tile grout can work wonders. Clean out your exhaust fan and repair chips in the bathtub or sink to make fixtures look like new. It’s also worthwhile in some cases to replace old light fixtures with more user-friendly or energy efficient models.

6. Kitchen

Sometimes the colour of the kitchen can be out-dated while the rest of the space works. There’s no better way to get an instant transformation than with a coat of paint. And I’m not just talking about traditional paint on plaster walls and timber trims. Paint can cover a whole raft of sins, from dowdy timber panelling to dated tiles.





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