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Interior and Exterior House Painting

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Whether it is freshening up a room or painting an entire house, our painters have your home covered.

From interiors to exteriors, roofs to driveways, our service includes a free quote, optional colour consultation, and quality workmanship with a ten-year guarantee. We can revitalize classic Queenslanders, create chic modern looks for homes of any style or vintage, and paint and decorate brand new houses. We’ve done it all, and done it beautifully.

Double story home?
Height access is not a problem.

Difficult surfaces?
Our experts know the best treatments, undercoats and primers to use, which ensures our paintwork lasts.

What else?
We can recommend other tradespeople, including carpenters, electricians, plumbers and plasterers, which means we can refer you to fellow professionals who take pride in their work, just like we do.

We are the professionals: Applied & Decorative Painting is a Dulux Accredited company, which means we consistently maintain Dulux’s high standards of quality workmanship. We offer a 10 year workmanship guarantee, so you know our paintwork will be top notch and applied to last!

If you are looking for a reliable house painter in Brisbane, contact painting expert Gary Wilson on 0409 069 641 or for a free quote – and let us provide your best painting solution.