Garden cleanup

Garden cleanup

Keep your garden in shape before autumn

Keep your garden in shape before autumn

Most of us know how to mow the lawn and water the garden. But did you know that our gardens need some extra care? We need to at least have a good seasonal cleanup for our backyard to keep it in shape.

You can hire a gardener to do the work and schedule a cleanup task over the weekend. Consider the list below for your garden maintenance before the spring and autumn come.

1.Weed your garden

You ignore that one weed, and before you know it, your yard is full of little pests popping up for the duration of the grass. There is no point taking it off any longer, eliminate them using the lawn trowel, fork and weeder.

2.Follow up weeding with a layer of mulch, if needed.

Mulching is a wise choice if you don’t want to address a jungle of weeds over again. Mulching is a beneficial practice to maintain soil moisture and improve soil conditions, so you can save on water bill too.  It also prevents weeds and weed seed germination.

3.Prune, trim and remove dead branches and twigs

Not pruning your trees could lead to tree harbouring a fungus or insect infestation. Dead branches should be removed any time to avoid animal pests.  Fertilise the pruned tree well to close the pruning wounds so there is less stress for the tree.

4.Aerate, feed, and restore your lawn

When summer ends we often put our lawn on the back burner. What we do not know is that when we take care of our lawn every couple of months, our lawns will reward us for our efforts.  Aerate the soil and add some slow-release fertiliser to allow air, water, and nutrients to go through the grass roots.

5.Clean water features

Nobody likes polluted water with twigs and insects. An algae growing out of control and covering centerpiece might prevent water from circulating properly. Remember to maintain your water pump if you want to give a clean feature.

6. Repot your potted plants well

If your potted flowers are showing their roots on the floor, or the soil is emerging from the pot’s drainage holes, it is time to repot. When you do, ensure not to place them into direct sunlight immediately as they may be weak and did you understand fertiliser burn is an issue? Wait at least a month earlier before fertilising a newly potted plant, as they’ve probably had their roots cut inside the repotting method.

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