Fernvale Insurance Painting

Fernvale Insurance Painting

We recently completed internal insurance painting work for a home in Fernvale. This lowset brick house North of Brisbane required insurance repairs to its bathroom and closet doors.

Fernvale newly painted walls

Fernvale Newly Painted Walls

Applied & Decorative Painting’s qualified carpenter completed all carpentry works required. We have carried out many insurance painting works in the North Brisbane areas over the years. Our insurance painters are well experienced and equipped with exceptional skills to attend to any of your insurance needs.

Fernvale newly installed door

Fernvale Newly Installed Door

Scope of works include painting the bedroom, dining and bathroom. Flush doors are supplied by us to replace the existing doors. While installing the newly doors, existing handles and hinges are used. A light patching work is performed to the blistered walls. We then prepare required areas. We sealed the walls properly before painting. Premium Dulux products are used to paint interior surfaces matching the existing.

Fernvale insurance painting to walls

Fernvale Insurance Painting to Walls

Fernvale insurance painting was completed following the highest standards of workmanship. For ADP a project isn’t merely a case of enhancing the everyday life of our clients, but upmost care and pride is taken, unlocking potential – turning houses into homes.


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