Exterior House Painting

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The walls and roof that protect you and your family need the right care to ensure they stay well-maintained and looking great. We use the best paints and painting systems, which protect your house and increase its value and liveability. Read more about the exterior paint we use and recommend.

Our exterior house painting service includes:

  • Removing old, chipped, damaged or lead-based paint
  • Restoration of aging paintwork that does not need to be removed, but can be treated and painted over while still
  • External house painting with premium products and best-practice paint systems
  • Colour consulting
  • Treatments for decks
  • Concrete and tile sealing, including some decorative finishes for concrete
  • Fences

Get colour right with our full colour selection service:

  • Great colour advice based on decades’ experience
  • Consultation with a fully-qualified colour consultant
  • Generous areas of sample paint painted on appropriate areas of your walls
  • Visit the Dulux colour atlas

Here are examples of our exterior house painting in Brisbane:

exteriorHousePainting_poolfence_brisbaneexteriorHousePainting_rabybay_brisbaneexteriorHousePainting_chapelhill_brisbane01 (1)