Disaster plan from ESR

Disaster plan from ESR

“Emergency Services Report” is a magazine distributed throughout Australia. It aims to provide useful information to preserve life and prevent life threatening accident.

The current Edition of ESR contains useful knowledge about proper first aid. It is important to be ready when there is a disaster. This current edition talks about proper ways to do when there is a fire in our home.

Disaster plan new Edition released

Emergency Services report (ESR) recently released a new magazine edition.

What to expect inside the Edition:

  • Preparing yourself and your home for a bushfire
  • A disaster plan for your pets
  • Treating burns
  • First Aid kits in the workplace

And MORE inside this edition!

Let us get ourselves ready for any possible disaster. Get a copy of ESR for free or view contents  here.

ESR disaster plan cover

ESR disaster plan cover


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