Charity support

We are thankful for all we have, so every month, we donate to both UNHCR and a charity chosen by our clients. We believe ‘sharing is having more’ and one of the ways we can help brighten our world is through regular donations to charities. Each month, we ask our clients to say which of three nominated charities they would prefer us to donate to. Have your say on our Facebook page and be in the running for a $100 gift card. You can also choose to donate that additional $100 to the charity instead, if you win the draw.


Paint for a Mate

We recently helped brighten the world of a war widow supported by Legacy Australia, by giving her home a badly needed fresh coat of paint. Mrs Marie Harvey’s Mitchelton home, which was in desperate need of loving care, is now looking fresh and new after we helped to organise and complete the paint removal and repainting for her home. The volunteer project was completed in partnership with Inspirations Paint and Berger. With many of our team members having relatives involved in past and current wars, helping the families of war veterans is close to our hearts.



Part of a brighter world is a healthy world, where painting practices impact as little as possible.

To help lead the painting industry in eco-smart practices, we:

  • Use non-toxic and low-VOC products as much as possible
  • Contain any potentially polluting waste (for example, old lead paint we have removed) and dispose of in an environmentally responsible manner
  • We use the Dulux EnviroWash system to clean brushes

Environmentally sensitive projects we have completed includes:

  • University of Queensland’s Heron Island Research Station, in the Great Barrier Reef
  • O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat, in Lamington National Park
  • Couran Cove, South Stradbroke Island, an ecotourism resort adjoining South Stradbroke Island Conservation Park

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