Colour Consulting & Digital Overlay

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Colour Schemes and Consultations

There’s nothing like living in a home that feels fresh with a beautiful colour scheme tailored to you and your house. Whether you have a favourite colour or don’t know where to start, our fantastic colour consultant can work with you to find the perfect colour scheme. Part of our full colour consultation service are digital overlays. What is a digital overlay? Our digital overlays help you visualise new colours on your walls with digitally crafted images of your home.

We will also provide paint samples so you can see how the colours look on your walls in your specific lighting circumstances.

Colour consultations have many benefits:

  • A stunning colour scheme increases the enjoyment and value of your property
  • A scheme can be chosen to complement your favourite feature colour
  • Simple and effective colour tricks for frames, skirting boards, cornices, etc, really help to lift a room
  • Different colour schemes suit different houses, and help to create a certain look
  • If you are planning to sell your property or are painting an investment home, we can recommend colour schemes that appeal to buyers and renters

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