Checklist for Severe Weather

Checklist for Severe Weather

severe weather

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The wet weather was expected to get awful over the next couple of days. Don’t forget to take safety measures and get ready before and after the severe weather. Here are tips you can do around your home to keep you ready and safe.

Trees around your homecut trees

One of the safety measure around your home is to trim and cut large branches of trees. It can cause large damage to your home during the severe storm.

Look after your gutter your gutter

Always keep your gutters and downpipes clear of any obstacles to prevent water overflow into the eaves of your roof.

Keep an Emergency Storm Kitfirst aid

Have your First Aid Kit ready. You can include spare batteries and mobile phone. It is a smart thought to get these things together in case of a severe weather condition.

Your fencefence

Keep your fence secure and do all that you can to keep away from costly issues later on. Hire an expert to check your fence.

Keep your roof saferoof

It is harder to check if your roof has suspicious damage. A loose tile can be a potential harm in the event of a severe storm. Hire a professional to for a roof inspection.

Supplementary damage to property engineer

Damage caused by extreme storms can have severe consequences for the structure of your property. A structural engineer will help you inspect for any damages to your property.

After the storm debris

The soaring winds may produce a lot of debris that you can deal with yourself. Remove rubbish from your property after the storm and get assistance if you need.

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