School Exterior Painting in Toowong

Toowong State School is a small inner city school in Brisbane. It has a wide, adaptable and cool veranda that connects all school buildings. School Exterior Painting Existing Condition School exterior painting issues with old paint Applied and Decorative Painting team was assigned to complete the exterior painting of this beautiful historic school. Our commercial painting [...]

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Plaster & Painting Repairs Beenleigh

An insurance company approved a scope of work to be done for this beautiful family home in Beenleigh recently. The client made a storm damage insurance claim and ADP team was chosen to do the work. Newly Plaster Repair for corner The laundry area required repair to the interior plaster corner. We supplied all the materials [...]

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Insurance painting in Munruben

Painting in Munruben is a job for the insurance claim that we completed recently. We did plaster repairs and painted the interior areas of the house. existing damage to the ceiling We repair and paint the interior walls and ceilings of the 2 bedrooms. We removed and replaced the water-damaged section of shipboard [...]

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Everton Hills ceiling painting

We completed works for the insurance claim of this storm damage house in Everton Hills recently. Ceiling in the bedroom, garage, and hallway had water stains on it. Everton Hills ceiling newly painted We clean the site and remove relevant rubbish for all the damaged areas. We supply all materials for damaged areas. [...]

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Insurance Painting in South Brisbane

This property in Salisbury filed an insurance claim for the bathroom ceiling. We have been picked to finish the insurance job for this home painting in South Brisbane. Applied and Decorative Painting team had necessary tools to patch damaged ceiling easily. We supply all paint materials needed for the job. After patching the damaged ceiling, we [...]

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Insurance painting in Moorooka

An insurance company used our services recently to complete the insurance claim of this home in Moorooka. This home is damaged by a storm that smashed window glasses, damaged the clothesline, PVC downpipe and solar light to the bedroom and exterior. Moorooka insurance painting broken glass Broken PVC downpipe We remove the broken [...]

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Paint restoration in Gordon Park

We restored ceiling paint of this 2 bedroom apartment in Gordon Park recently. The main bedroom ceiling has peeling paint. The cornice to the toilet has bubbling paint on it as well. peeling paint We remove the flaking paint, apply the sealer binder to provide a sound surface. ADP team only uses the [...]

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Woolloongabba Insurance painting

A stylish lowset brick home in Woolloongabba requested our services to perform the insurance claim they made for the damaged downpipe to the front elevation. A broken downpipe may require an easy repair but if neglected, it can cause damage to your property that needs high repair cost. We checked for broken downpipes and installed a [...]

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Repair in Westlake

We performed insurance repair for this storm damaged home in Westlake recently. Our client needed repair to the damaged sliding door of the laundry area. Our professional team removed and replaced the damaged sliding door and associated screen making it back on track. We also prepare and paint the repaired door jamb, architraves, disturbed wall [...]

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Plaster repair in Nambour

A charming high set Queenslander style home in Nambour has been beautifully transformed by our painters. Our experienced team completed plaster repair and painting for the interiors of this home quickly and seamlessly. Plaster repair is a skilled craft acquired through years of training and experience. Plaster repair-cracks to wall We repair cracks to [...]

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