Beyond Building a Sustainable house

Beyond Building a Sustainable house

A sustainable housing are homes that are designed to produce lower environmental pollution by using energy, resources and materials efficiently. Advancement in building a sustainable house is growing which means we do not compromise with the needs of future generations.

Building a sustainable house means creating an energy efficient housing.

sustainable house

A sustainable house is an energy-efficient house

Think of these key things in building a sustainable house

Low-E Glass or Double Glazed

Glass is a popular material used in building homes today. Low-e glass is more effective on windows that are facing the sun. It reduces the amount of UV light that passes through the glass but does not compromise the same light transmitted.

While double-glazed glass reduces the flow of heat or cold transmission. You will have lower energy bills when you use double-glazed glass on your windows because it only needs less energy to cool down or heat up your room.

Save water when gardening

A drip irrigation system will help you save water and fertilizer to your gardens. It is the most efficient method of watering, by dripping water directly to the roots of the plants which means less water is wasted and also increasing nutrients to the roots.

Solar Power

Installing solar panels to your home will help you generate electricity to power your house appliances. Solar panels have improved in quality that will cut down your electricity bills.

Passive Cooling

Plants can give us shade and when air passes through the leaves of our plants, the moisture will cool the air. Landscaping your space will give your house a great look but aside from that, it will help keep your homes cooler.


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