Apartment renovation ideas

Apartment renovation ideas

apartment renovation
Apartment renovation is different from house renovation. When you plan to renovate your apartment, you need to comply with building regulations and securing a permit from the body corporate. Don’t let this trouble you. See the list below for your renovation ideas that will not visually impact the exterior of the property. Before starting your renovation, review the things you need to consider when renovating under strata.

1. Install flooring with acoustic properties

If you will go for a minimalist look of bare floorboards or parquet floor, you need to add soundproofing underneath so you can comply with regulations and to avoid complaints from your neighbours. However, you will also benefit from having a sound sleep when your neighbours are having a loud party most of the time.

2. High shelving

Storage room is best in apartments. You can avoid storage crisis when you incorporate shelving into a room and still getting the modest budget.  As a rule, shelving is permitted from the body corporate without any hassle. The best place to incorporate shelving is the ‘dead space’ like the areas above doorways or hallways.

3. Fixtures and fittings

The fixtures and fittings found in the apartment are often outdated. You can make simple changes to help modernise the feel of an apartment by replacing a worn light switches and power points.  You can install new light fittings for greater impact but strata permission is necessary for this.

4. Painting and wallpapering

When it comes to renovating your flat, painting always comes easy, but don’t forget wallpaper too. A feature wall or patterned wallpaper can transform your room and create a real statement. It is the easiest job when getting permission and this is probably the one you can certainly have a go.

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