Alternative to a boring rendered wall

Alternative to a boring rendered wall

sycon wall

Sycon wall

Create a special modern edge look that will last.

Sycon walls can transform a boring brick veneer and rendered walls into an exciting modern look!

Improve your new home with a contemporary weatherboard. Try to do the alternative with the aid of selecting a commercial panel with explicit joints. Or simply go loopy and blend the two.

Sycon partitions are a variety of attractive and durable cement-based cladding and weatherboard wall merchandise for contemporary Australian houses. Like the automobile you power and the clothes you put on Sycon walls allow you to detail your fashion and construct your house in your means.

Mix and match from these wall styles!

horizontalHorizontal Cladding Range
Use horizontal lines to make you rooms seem wider, and for a glance it truly is captivating, constant, and smooth. This modern layout will create a sense of relaxation and calmness.

verticalVertical Cladding Range
Vertical traces will raise your eye and mind into a sense of energy. You can them if you want to add details to your plain walls.

claddingPanel Cladding Range
Relying on your desire of coloruation and sample, panels may help you create order or chaos. Use panels for bold and fascinating designs.

Weatherboards offer timeless charm and deliver homes a sense of comfort and turning into an increasingly popular in contemporary Australian architecture. They may be ideal for seashore houses, Hamptons style houses and even modern townhouses and terraces.

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