Jobs to NOT DIY repair

Jobs to NOT DIY repair

They make it look so easy on home improvement shows!

But a quick DIY home repair can end in tears, and sometimes costs more to fix.

1. Knocking out an internal wall

Most interior walls are load bearing. If you want to give it a good DIY it might get you into trouble removing a support column and risking yourself of sawing through hidden electrical wires. You are probably lucky and stop when you get stuck in timber, in any other case you will discover the ceiling can come down on top of you, or worse.

load bearing wall

2. Installing a Kitchen Benchtop

Putting in a kitchen benchtop is harder than you will anticipate. What you don’t notice until it is too late is that walls are hardly best squares and getting the mitres perfectly positioned is a whole lot trickier than it looks. You may end up having ugly gaps and ought to toss out that benchtop you paid for.

Jobs to NOT DIY repair

3. Tiling

You could purchase tiles and all of your tiling materials from a tiling provider. Does that suggest tiling is a feasible DIY task? It depends. In case you’re installing tiles on a brand new wall and take a while, you may get away with it. Don’t take on a big tiling task even though, and genuinely avoid retiling walls, floors, and showers. You want to understand what you are doing or you may end up with uneven tiling and grout lines that are crooked. Inside the shower, you need to understand proper floor waterproofing or it may result to a rotting timber and other problems.


4. Carpet Laying

How difficult can it be laying carpet? It’s more difficult than it appears. A wall-to-wall carpet must be cut flawlessly, stretched, and laid flat. The seams have to be invisible and while the task is performed, you don’t want to look bulges or gaps inside the carpet.

Jobs to NOT DIY repair

5. Sanding and Polishing Timber Floors

Why take on a professional when you could hire a floor sander? First, the floor sander you hire won’t be as properly-maintained because it should be. Secondly, floor sanders are tougher to use than you would possibly anticipate. The sander ought to stay level always or you’ll sand gouges into your floorboards. Even one gouge in a floor will stand out and as an amateur, you’re likely to make multiple. Polishing is not as clean as it seems either.


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